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writing chosen and arranged to create a certain emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm
a) poetry
b) poet
c) line
d) tone

someone who writes poem, an imaginative, creative, or artistic person
a) speaker
b) stanza
c) poetry
d) poem

the created narrative voice of the poem (i.e. ther person the reader is suppose to imagine is talking). The speaker in NOT necessarily the poet.
a) poet
b) speaker
c) tone
d) mood

rows of words
a) stanza
b) figurative language
c) sensory language
d) line

a section of a poem or song consisting of a number of lines arranged together to form a single unit
a) line
b) stanza
c) speaker
d) mood

words that create vivid pictures by comparing things in unexpected ways to make the language interesting or meaningful
a) poetry
b) poet
c) figurative language
d) sensory language

words that describe how things look, smell, taste, and sound
a) figurative language
b) sensory language
c) rhyme
d) tone

a repeating pattern in the final sounds of words
a) rhyme
b) alliteration
c) onomatopoeia
d) imagery

the poet's attitude toward the subject of the poem (this may be different from the speaker's attitude).
a) mood
b) theme
c) tone
d) simile

The way a poem makes a reader feel
a) mood
b) tone
c) simile
d) theme

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