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What was one lasting outcome of the development of farming
a) People no longer had to follow animals in search of food
b) People travled more
c) Early man did not eat enought
d) It depleated the soil

A way to transport water from its source to the fields in order to water crops
a) Domestication
b) Cultivation
c) irrigation
d) Diversion

What is another name for the Neolitihic period
a) Bronze age
b) Old Stone Age
c) New Stone Age
d) Copper Age

The word domestication in terms of animals and plants means most closely what?
a) To free them from captivity
b) to kill and eat them
c) To make them more useful for humans
d) To hunt or gather them

The time period when man moved from being hunter gathers to farming and domesticating animals
a) Paleolithic Revolution
b) Macedonia n Revolution
c) Neolithic Revolution
d) Classical Age

The first people coame to North America across what?
a) The Rock of Gibarlatar
b) The Suez Land Bridge
c) The Bearing Land Bridge
d) The Masadonian Land Road

The first people made tool out of what?
a) Wood
b) Metal
c) Rocks
d) Iron

How did early man communicate without writing and a spoken language?
a) Hand Signals
b) Cave Drawings
c) rock formations
d) Tree Branches

People that have no home but travel from place to place
a) Cavemen
b) Mesopotamians
c) Roamers
d) Nomads

What did farming create that aided the development of civilizations
a) Ponds
b) Cities
c) Surplus of food
d) Cement

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