TCAP Review (6th Grade) Question Preview (ID: 13510)

Energy, Conductors, Insulators, Circuits.

Which of these describes the energy of an object in motion?
a) potential energy
b) heat energy
c) kinetic energy
d) sound energy

A student is practicing archery. When he pulls back on the bowstring, what type of energy does the bowstring have just before the student releases the arrow?
a) elastic potential energy
b) chemical potential energy
c) kinetic energy
d) gravitational potential energy

A student is constructing an electrical circuit. Which of these can provide energy for the circuit?
a) battery
b) wire
c) buzzer
d) lightbulb

What energy conversion is illustrated by a rollar coaster beginning to roll down the hill?
a) kinetic energy to gravitational potential energy
b) elastic potential to kinetic energy
c) gravitational potential to kinetic energy
d) chemical potential energy to kinetic

Which type of energy transfer is used by plants to make their food?
a) chemical energy into radiant energy
b) radiant energy into kinetic energy
c) gravitational potential into elastic potential
d) radiant energy into chemical potential energy

Which type of energy is stored in a piece of charcoal before it is burned?
a) chemical potential energy
b) kinetic energy
c) elastic potential energy
d) radiant energy

Your TV uses energy. What happens when turn on your TV?
a) Energy is destroyed
b) Energy is created.
c) Energy changes forms.
d) Energy is converted to matter.

Which of the following could be used as a good insulator?
a) copper wire
b) glass
c) a penny
d) aluminum foil

Which is an example of chemical energy being converted to heat and light?
a) a toaster browning a piece of bread
b) a candle burning
c) a lightbulb glowing
d) a music player running on a battery

An engineer needs a material that will carry an electric current. Which type of material should he choose?
a) plastic
b) metal
c) wood
d) wool

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