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New ocean crust is formed at
a) divergent boundaries
b) convergent boundaries
c) continental volcanic arcs
d) transform fault boundaries

Which of the followign results when divergence occurs between two oceanic plates
a) sea floor spreading
b) a subduction zone
c) an ocean trench
d) a volcanic island arc

What forms when one oceanic plate is forced beneeath another plate
a) a subduction zone
b) a rift valley
c) an ocean basin
d) an ocean ridge

Deep ocean trenches are associated iwth
a) subduction zones
b) ocean ridge systems
c) rift zones
d) transform fault boundaries

Oceanic lithosphere is destroyed at
a) convergent boundaries
b) ocean ridges
c) transform fault boundaries
d) divergent boundaries

The Himalayas in South Asia are an example of what type of plate boundary
a) convergent continental-continental boundary
b) convergent oceanic-continental boundary
c) divergent boundary
d) transform fault boundary

Volcanic island arcs are associated with what type of plate boundary?
a) convergent oceanic-oceanic boundary
b) convergent continental-oceanic boundary
c) divergent boundary
d) convergent continental-continental boundary

At a transofrm fault boundary
a) lithosphere is neither destroyed or produced
b) new oceanic crust is formed
c) oceanic lithosphere is destroyed
d) new continental crust is formed

According to the property of paleomagnetism
a) iron rich rocks show the location of the magnetic poles at the time of their formation
b) all rocks, regardless of when they are formed, have the same polarity
c) all rocks have a reversed polarity
d) rocks do not possess magnetic properties

Strips of alternating magnetic polarities found in roccks in the ocean basins
a) provide evidence of seafloor spreading
b) conflict with the theory of plate tectonics
c) provide evidence that Earths magnetic field
d) indicate changes in Earth's gravitation field

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