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Which material would make a good insulator for a circuit?
a) plastic
b) gold
c) aluminum
d) quartz

Which of the following materials would be the best conductor for circuits?
a) wooden sticks
b) cotton strings
c) glass rods
d) copper wire

The time it takes the Moon to make one complete revolution around Earth is one lunar cycle. About how long is one lunar cycle?
a) 7 days
b) 10 days
c) 29 days
d) 365 days

During the ____ Moon, high tides are higher than normal and low tides are lower than normal.
a) waning
b) full
c) waxing
d) quarter

A desert is very hot during the day and receives very little rain. Which plants will most likely survive in this kind of environment?
a) plants with few roots
b) plants with soft stems
c) plants with large leaves
d) plants with waxy coatings

Which is a producer?
a) trees
b) mouse
c) caterpillar
d) wolf

Phytoplantkton are producers that are the basis of many marine food webs. Where do phytoplankton get their energy to produce food?
a) from ocean waves
b) dissolved salts
c) water
d) from sunlight

Solar radiation heats Earth's atmosphere. This sets up convection currents.. Which is produced by the convection currents in the atmosphere?
a) meteor shower
b) cumulus clouds
c) ozone layer
d) jet stream

Which of the following is an abiotic factor in a temperate forest?
a) oxygen
b) fungi
c) bacteria
d) lichen

Which organism in an ecosystem change light energy into chemical energy?
a) decomposers
b) scavengers
c) consumers
d) producers

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