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Starts With Transportation Revolution Top Of Page 8. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

This event in American History caused a rapid growth in the speed and convience of taransportation
a) Industrial revolution
b) Transportation Revolution
c) Technological revolution
d) Textile revolution

The inventor of the first Steamboat the Clermont
a) Ben Franklin
b) John Deere
c) Eli Whitney
d) Robert Fulton

The invention of the steel plow helped to increase the production of farms who was the inventor?
a) Robert Fulton
b) John Deere
c) Samuel Slater
d) Eli Whitney

The canal that connected lake Erie to the Hudson River made new York a Major port was
a) The Hudson Canal
b) The Erie Canal
c) The Suez Canal
d) The New York Canal

Large farms in the South where Cash crops were grown
a) Ranches
b) Plantations
c) Rancheros
d) hacenas

U.S. citizens that were opposed to immigrantion in the mid 1800's
a) Anti Imigrants
b) America First
c) Navitist, Know Nothings
d) U.S.ers

A tariff that is aimed at raising the price of imported goods to make buying American goods more attractive
a) America First tariff
b) Tariff of Abominations
c) Protective Tariff
d) Tariff of Freedom

The North of America can best be described by which?
a) Plantations, slaves, Rual, few railroads
b) Rual, Industries, Poor soil,
c) Poor Soil, Industries and Urban, Many Railroads
d) Rich soil, industries and Urban

Type of economy found in the South prior to the Civil War
a) Suburban markets
b) Small farms
c) Industrial
d) Agricultural

Woman that worked to reform prisons and Mental Institutions in the Mid 1800's
a) Doretha Dix
b) Jessica Lange
c) Elizabeth Cady Stanton
d) Sarah Lee

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