Spring Scale Review Question Preview (ID: 13503)

Spring Scale Review.

Spring Scales measure Force in:
a) Newtons
b) Mass
c) Lbs.
d) Grams

The Spring Scale we use measures Force on
a) the Northern Hemisphere
b) the Moon
c) Earth
d) the Southern Hemisphere

The Mass and Weight of something is generally the same thing
a) True
d) False

If an object has a mass of 400g, the force to lift it on Earth is:
a) 400N
b) 4N
c) 2N
d) 1N

What is the RELATIONSHIP between Mass and Force on Earth?
a) 1 Newton force equals
b) 1 Newton force equals 100g of Mass
c) 100 grams equals 1 gram of Foirce
d) none of the above

On Jupiter, the amount of Force needed to lift an object is the same as on the Moon
a) True
b) False

The amount of Mass an object depends on the _____________ of the planet
a) Mass
b) Gravity
c) Weight
d) Size

I weigh about 211 lbs (95kg) on Earth what do you think I might weight on Jupiter
a) 211 lbs (95kg)
b) 100 lbs (45kg)
c) 79 lbs (36kg)
d) 499 lbs (226kg)

A classroom chair takes about ___________ Newtons of Force to lift
a) 6 N
b) 15N
c) 78 N
d) 40 N

When a graph makes a straight line, what does that usually mean?
a) That the two things are the same.
b) There is NO relationship between the two things being measured
c) There is a solid relationship between the two things measured
d) none of the above

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