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Starting With The Jacksonian Era To The Alamo.

A small abandoned Mission in Texas where the Texans held off a large Mexican force and became an inspiration for the Texas Independence Revolution
a) Alamo
b) Enterpise
c) Ft. Mchenry
d) Ft. Sumpter

Why did Jackson relocate the Indians West of the Mississippi?
a) He worried about a war
b) He wanted the land for American farmers
c) He wanted to clear a path for the Gold Rush
d) He loved them and wanted to protect them

What were not a result of the movement West
a) Many native Americans lost their land
b) Many setters moved from the east to the West
c) Many settlers moved East
d) Many Native Americans were killed

Site of Indian territory
a) Mississippi
b) Oklahoma
c) Texas
d) Arkansas

The Forced march of the Cherokee Indians from their homeland in Georgia to Indian Territory
a) Road of Worry
b) Trail of heartbreak
c) Path of Pain
d) Trail of Tears

What is not one lasting impact of Jackson's administration?
a) Removal of Native Americans from their homeland
b) Increased the power of the President
c) The annexation of Texas
d) Increased Democracy ( more people got the right to vote)

Trail used to settle the West that streched from the Great Plains from Western Missouri to Oregon
a) Chissom Trail
b) Santa Fe Trail
c) Oregon Trail
d) California Trail

The practice, began by Jackson, where he gave government jobs to his supporters
a) Kitchen Cabinet
b) Spoils System
c) States Rights
d) Winners Keepers

The since the states created the federal government they are greater than the Federal government and can disobey some laws they disagree with.
a) American System
b) Confederation System
c) State Rights
d) Emancipation

The Act passed by Jackson that relocated the Indians west of the Mississippi River
a) Indian land Act
b) Indian Relocation Act
c) Oklahoma Act
d) Native American RIghts Act

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