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The supercontinent in the continental drift hypothesis was called
a) Pangea
b) Africa
c) Mesosaurua
d) Panthalassa

One kind of evidence that supports Wegeners hypothesis is that
a) fossils of the same organism have been found on different continents
b) land bridges still exist that connect major continents
c) major rivers on different continents match
d) the same magnetic directions exist on different continents

Which of the following was NOT used in sopport of the continental dirft hypothesis
a) paleomagnetism
b) fit of South America and Africa
c) ancient climate
d) fossil evidence

What was the main reason Wegeners continental drift hypothesis was refjected
a) he could not provide a mechanim for the movement of the continents
b) he could provide only illogical explanations for the movement of the continents
c) his evidence was incorrect
d) he was not well liked by other scienttists

In the plate tectonics theory, the lithosphere is divided into
a) 7 major plate
b) 50 major plates and many smaller plates
c) many small plates, but no large plates
d) 100 major plates

According to the theory of plate tectonics
a) the lithosphere is divided into plates
b) the asthenosphere is strong and rigid
c) the asthenosphere moves over the lithosphere
d) the asthenosphere is divided into plates

In plate tectonic theory, a plate can be made up of
a) both continental and oceanic lithosphere
b) both continental and oceanic astneosphere
c) oceanic lithosphere
d) continental lithosphere

What kind of plate boundary occurs where two plates grind past each other without destroying or producing lithosphere
a) transform fault boundary
b) transitional boundary
c) convergent boundary
d) divergent boundary

A divergent boundary at two oceanic plates can result in a
a) rift valley
b) subduction zone
c) continental volcanic arc
d) volcanic island arc

What type of boundary occurs where two plates move together, causing one plate to descend into the mantle beneath the other plate
a) convergent boundary
b) transitional boundary
c) divergent boundary
d) transform fault boundary

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