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Which body of water is located between Southwest Asia and Southeast Asia?
a) Caribbean Sea
b) Black Sea
c) Indian Ocean
d) Pacific Ocean

What does a topographic map show?
a) patterns of trade
b) ethnic distributions
c) climate regions
d) physical features

Which social scientist is most concerned with analyzing the relationship between the supply of and the demand for goods and services?
a) a sociologist
b) an anthropologist
c) a political scientist
d) )an economist

During the 14th century, the Black Death became a widespread epidemic primarily (mainly) because of
a) new agricultural (farming) practices
b) Chinese overseas exploration
c) the resurgence (re-growth) of trade
d) European colonial policies

In England, the key points of the Magna Carta were fundamental to the development and growth of
a) democracy
b) absolutism
c) theocracy
d) communism

• Fasting during Ramadan • Praying five times each day • Read the Koran Followers of which religion engage in these practices?
a) Judaism
b) Islam
c) Christianity
d) Buddhism

Which statement accurately describes the actions of Muslims during the Crusades?
a) Most Muslims converted (change religions) to Christianity.
b) Many Muslims visited Europe for the first time to obtain (get) luxury goods.
c) Muslims defended Jerusalem because it was sacred (holy) to them.
d) Muslims attacked and conquered Constantinople.

Which situation was an immediate cause for the collapse of the Aztec civilization?
a) a lack of military training
b) disruption of overseas trade networks
c) conquest by foreigners
d) a series of crop failures

Believers of Hinduism are expected to
a) fulfill their karma for a favorable reincarnation
b) follow the Eightfold Path to achieve Enlightenment
c) obey the Ten Commandments
d) complete a pilgrimage (trip) to Mecca

Which factor (reason) contributed (caused) to Mali becoming a wealthy kingdom?
a) dominance of the gold and salt trade
b) enforcement of mercantilist (trade) policies
c) control of Mediterranean trade routes
d) alliances with the Hanseatic League

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