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The long period of freezing weather was known as what?
a) The Time of the Fur
b) Cold as Ice
c) The Ice Ages
d) Below Zero

The first people on earth did what economic activity ?
a) shoppers
b) hunters and gathers
c) doctors
d) teachers

The first people migrated to other continents from where?
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) Europe
d) Australia

Which is NOT an example of a secondary source:
a) textbooks
b) diary
c) encyclopedia articles
d) research papers

Which are NOT an examples of primary sources:
a) school yearbook and school newspaper
b) , letters, autobiographies
c) pictures, artifacts, and fossils
d) diaries, journals

In order to study the past, researchers may use which two types of sources?
a) hear say and their say
b) astronomy and political sources
c) geography and atlas maps
d) primary source and secondary source

An account of an event by someone who was not there to witness the event.
a) first hand source
b) primary source
c) secondary source
d) third source

The study of the past
a) History
b) pre-history
c) geography
d) culture

A first-hand account of an event by someone who witnessed or took part in the event.
a) third source
b) primary source
c) second source
d) fourth source

In the time of the Ice Age, the hunter/gathers had to
a) move farther away in search of food.
b) build lots of fires.
c) huddle together to keep warm.
d) eat snow.

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