Excel Ch. 3 Question Preview (ID: 13489)

Review 2.

combining multiple cells into one
a) merge cells
b) split cells
c) freeze cells
d) combine cells

besides right clicking, you can use the _____ tab to change the height and width of cells
a) home
b) view
c) page layout
d) review

when multiple column headings are selected, changing the width of one will change the width of all
a) true
b) false

Which view allows you to edit headers and footers in Excel
a) Page Layout
b) Normal
c) Draft
d) Page Break preview

hiding rows and columns deletes them from your document
a) false
b) true

when two sheet tabs are grouped together, they appear
a) white
b) red
c) black
d) greyed out

if you want two sheets to have the same formatting, which tool would you use?
a) group sheets
b) format sheets
c) view side by side
d) freeze panes

which of the following dialog boxes does both the print screen and the page layout tab contain?
a) page setup
b) font
c) paragraph
d) workbook views

margins in Excel may be changed using the view tab
a) false
b) true
c) maybe
d) not sure

scaling worksheets basically means ___________ worksheets
a) resizing
b) climbing
c) deleting
d) moving and copying

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