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To avoid international relations with other countries abelif that a nations interest is best served by avoiding economic and political alliances with other countries
a) isolationism
b) American system
c) Nationalism
d) Egocentrism

A statement that said the the Americas were closed to future colonization by european powers and that any interfernce in the Americas would be considered a hostile act to the United
a) Expansionism Declaration
b) Jackson's Decree
c) Jefferson Ultimatum
d) Monroe Doctrine

The Greatest American Victory of the war of 1812, actually fought after the treat of Ghent ended the war.
a) Battle of New Orleans
b) Battle of New York
c) Battle of New Jersey
d) Battle of Yorktown

What was not one of the lasting outcome of the War of 1812?
a) Large gains of territory
b) American Manufacturing increased
c) Native American resistence weakened
d) An increased Sense of National Pride

Which is not a cause of the War of 1812?
a) Interference with American Trade
b) Impressment
c) British were giving Guns to the Indians to attack colonial setlement
d) America wanted its independence

The term that refers to one of the major cause of the war of 1812, the forcing of American sailors into the Britsh Navy
a) Military Kidnapping
b) Impressment
c) Excomunication
d) precedent

The Inidan guide that assisted in the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase territory
a) Sacagawea
b) Sojurner Truth
c) Pocanhontas
d) Grey Eagle

Explores sent by Thomas Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase territory
a) Lewis and Johnson
b) Lewis and Clark
c) Clark and kent
d) Lewis and Sacagawea

How much was the Louisiana Puchase?
a) 10 Million
b) 1 Billion
c) 15 Million
d) 7 Billion

A strong sense of Ntional pride in ones nation
a) Nationalism
b) Egocentrism
c) Sectionalism
d) isolationism

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