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The Louisiana Purchase did what to the United States?
a) Connected it from the Atlantic to the Pacific
b) Doubled it size
c) Fulfilled manifest Destiny
d) Tripled the size of the country

The power given to the Supreme Court to declare a law passed by congress either Constitutional or Constitutional
a) Judicial Decision
b) Cloture
c) Judicial Review
d) Filibuster

The First National bank of the united States was created to do what?
a) To help to make the U.S. economy secure
b) To make money for the government
c) To pay its officers high wages
d) To help elect Andrew Jackson

An action or decision that later serves as an example or the basis of ruling for a case.
a) Furlough
b) Cloture
c) Precedent
d) Appeal

Supreme Court case that said that having seprate facilities is not acceptable, it outlawed segregation
a) Brown vs the Board of education of Topeka Kansas
b) McCullough Vs Maryland
c) Gibbons vs Ogden
d) Plessy vs Ferguson

Supreme Court case that said having seprate facilites for races were aceptable
a) Brown vs the Board of education of Topeka Kansas
b) McCullough Vs Maryland
c) Gibbons vs Ogden
d) Plessy vs Ferguson

The group that actually eleccts the president and bases their vote on the popular vote in each state
a) Electoral College
b) Party Convention
c) Nomination Cnvention
d) Nomination College

Groups of people that share a common interest for taking a political Action
a) Political Committiees
b) Parties
c) Interest Groups
d) Political Parties

Term that refers to the government mandating that people registar for providing military service
a) Cloture
b) Filibuster
c) Draft
d) Sequester

Which is not a responsibility of citizens
a) Miitary service
b) Jury duty,voting
c) Paying taxes
d) Running for office

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