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Force Transformers In A Fluid System, Principles Of Technology.

In a hydraulic jack, work input equals work output is expressed as:
a) pi times Di = po times Do
b) pi times Qvi = po times Qvo
c) pi times Fi = po times Fo
d) pi times delta Vi = po times delta Vo

In a hydraulic jack, pressure is what throughout the system?
a) constant
b) varies
c) not the answer
d) don't pick me

In a hydraulic jack a volume of fluid is displaced at the input end and the output end to achieve mechanical advantage, is the fluid different, or the same?
a) different
b) same
c) no answer
d) no answer

The ideal mechanical advantage in a hydraulic jack is given by:
a) po/pi
b) delta Vo / delta Vi
c) Do / Di
d) Di/ Do

What the IMA of a hydraulic jack with an input force of 25 pounds that delivers an output force of 250 pounds to the load? Assume no friction
a) 10
b) 0.1
c) 6250
d) 50

In a pressure intensifier, while an area of piston face decreases from input ot output, output pressure does what from input to output?
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays the same
d) varies

The handle of a hydraulic jack is
a) a fluid force transformer
b) a first class lever
c) a second class lever
d) a third class lever

A mechanical device that uses a fluid medium to amplify force is
a) a lever
b) a pulley
c) a hydraulic jack
d) a pressure intensifier

This uses fluids to amplify pressure
a) a lever
b) a pulley
c) a hydraulic jack
d) a pressure intensifier

A hydraulic jack is not truly a fluid force transformer, it is a mechanical device
a) true
b) false
c) no answer
d) no answer

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