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Means to argue
a) Quarreling
b) Plantations
c) Escape
d) Products

Very large farms where crops like cotton are grown.
a) products
b) plantations
c) quarreling
d) Mr. K

Most of our sugar comes from the tall plant sugar cane.
a) Sugarcane
b) Products
c) Plantations
d) quarreling

Means to become free by leaving a person, place, or thing.
a) Confederate States of America
b) plantations
c) Harriet Tubman
d) escape

11 States who left the United States and made their own country
a) Lincoln
b) Northeast
c) Confederate States of America
d) Union

Helped slaves escape to freedom
a) Lincoln
b) Harriet Tubman
c) George Washington
d) Ryan Green

Became President in 1861. He did not like slavery.
a) Mr. K
b) George Washington
c) Lincoln
d) Harriet Tubman

People who lived in the South
a) yankees
b) confederates
c) students
d) southerners

Things made by people or nature. Shoes are an example.
a) slaves
b) quarreling
c) students
d) products

Who wanted to keep slaves?
a) South
b) North
c) West
d) East

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