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The Constitution is a set of ________
a) laws
b) books
c) movies
d) limits

All the people in the United States Senate and House of Representatives who write laws for the nation
a) Senate
b) Conress
c) House of Representatives
d) President

The highest court. It decides if laws agree with the Constitution
a) Staet court
b) Ms. Le VIne's court
c) Mojan's court
d) Supreme Court

People who rule on cases in court.
a) Senators
b) Representatives
c) Judges
d) Teachers

The city where the government meets.
a) Washington D.C.
b) New York
c) New Jersey
d) Ocean Township

The first ten amendments that were added to the Constitution
a) Constitution
b) Code of Conduct
c) Bill of Rights
d) Ms. Curran's rules

People who make laws in the House of Representatives
a) Representatives
b) Senators
c) Teachers
d) Mojan

People who make laws in the Senate
a) Representatives
b) teachers
c) Mojan
d) Senators

Means you can write what you want in newspapers and books
a) Freedom of Press
b) Freedom of Singing
c) Freedom of Law Making
d) Freedom of Dancing

Laws that are added to the Constitution
a) Mojan rules
b) Amendments
c) Congress
d) Freedom of Laws

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