Excel Ch. 3 Question Preview (ID: 13473)


a ________ is a unified color, font, and effects scheme
a) theme
b) paragraph
c) style
d) page layout

you can change the name and color of a workbook by right clicking the sheet tab
a) false
b) true

the insert worksheet tab is located ______________ the sheet tabs
a) right of
b) left of
c) above
d) below

the buttons at the bottom of the screen that represent the worksheets in your workbook are called
a) sheet tabs
b) layout tabs
c) icons
d) sheet links

it is possible to create a copy of an entire worksheet
a) true
b) false

if you want to unhide column C, you would have to select column(s) _______ then click unhide
a) B and D
b) C
c) C and D
d) A through D

Which tool would you use if you wanted to view different parts of your worksheet at one time?
a) freeze panes
b) show gridlines
c) page layout view
d) chart area

freeze panes and split are located under which tab?
a) view
b) page layout
c) home
d) insert

which button on the home tab gives you a drop down list that includes row height, column width, hide and unhide, and rename sheet?
a) format
b) cell styles
c) paragraph
d) font

how do you delete a row?
a) right click the row heading and click delete
b) right click the column heading and click delete
c) page layout
d) click in the row and press shift + delete

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