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An official paper that gives a person or business certain rights- William Penn got one from King Charles II
a) The Great Law
b) priviledge
c) charter
d) treaty

A formal agreement- such as the one William Penn and the Lenape signed
a) treaty
b) charter
c) priviledge
d) Germantown

A special advantage or right.
a) treaty
b) priviledge
c) charter
d) abolition

The ending of slavery
a) frontier
b) charter
c) squatters
d) abolition

The farthest edge of a settlement
a) charter
b) frontier
c) abolition
d) squatting

To buy something- such as the settlers were supposed to do from the Native Americans
a) purchase
b) squatters
c) treaty
d) charter

People who live on land that belongs to another- they take the land without paying for it.
a) abolitionist
b) enslaved person
c) squatter
d) custom

An accepted way of doing something
a) squatter
b) abolitionist
c) custom
d) Philadelphia

A person who was kidnapped out of West Africa and forced to work without pay
a) Indentured Servant
b) Enslaved person
c) Squatters
d) Abolitionist

A person who chooses to work for 5-7 years in order to gain passage to PA.
a) Indentured Servant
b) Enslaved person
c) Abolitionist
d) Squatter

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