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What new state was formed out of a slave state by people who were against slavery
a) West Virginia
b) Kansas
c) Nebraska
d) Maryland

An early northern plan for fighting the war was based on
a) invading border states
b) Mr. Christopher would lead the army
c) cutting off southern trade by setting up a blockade
d) invade Georgia

The Confederate states hoped who would help them
a) Great Britain and France
b) Western states
c) France
d) Ms. Le Vine

Who gained control of the Mississippi River during the battle of Vicksburg
a) Sherman/Union
b) Meade/Union
c) Lee/Confederate
d) Grant/Union

Who did Lincoln honor in the Gettysburg Address
a) only confederate soldiers
b) only union soldiers
c) freed slaves
d) all soldiers

Which of these events happened last?
a) General Lee surrenders
b) Lincoln was assassinated
c) Civil War ended
d) Sherman's March to the Sea

The most important work of the Freedmen's Bureau was
a) help slaves find their family members
b) help slaves find jobs
c) educate freed slaves
d) punish the south

What Amendment ended slavery forever
a) 1
b) 13
c) 14
d) 15

What was passed in the south to limit freedoms of African Americans
a) black codes
b) Freedmen's Bureau
c) 13th Amendment
d) 15th Amendment

Helped sick and wounded Union soldiers during the Civil War
a) General Sherman
b) General Grant
c) General Chamberlain
d) Clara Barton

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