Ileap Review 10 Am History Question Preview (ID: 13467)

Starting With Page 5 Bill Of Rights To Due Process. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The presidental power to grant freedom from punishment to a person convicted of a crime or facing criminal charges
a) Fillibuster
b) Cloture
c) pardon
d) Naturalize

To bring formal charges against the Pesident
a) Arrest
b) Book
c) Charge
d) Impeach

A legal alien that goes through the process of becoming a citzen is called a
a) Naturalized Citizen
b) Natural born Citizen
c) illegal Alien
d) Legal Alien

A person born in the United States is calleed a
a) Naturalized Citizen
b) Natural Born Citizen
c) Citizen
d) Alien

What is the process for how a Bill becomes law?
a) introduced, debated, Committee, passed, other house, president signs
b) introduced, Committee,debated, president, other house, debated, passed
c) introduced,committee, debated, same process at other house, sent to president signs
d) debated, introduced, committee, passed other house, debated passed

Who can write a Bill?
a) Only the President
b) Only a Represenative
c) Only a senator
d) Anyone

A change to the Constitution
a) Bill
b) Assembly
c) Amendment
d) Cloture

Which is not a first Amendment right
a) Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Assembly
b) Freedom to own a gun and Your right to an attorney
c) Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Petition
d) Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Assembly

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution inculde our most basic rights and are called :
a) The Preamble
b) The Bill of Rights
c) The Amendments
d) Article I

The rights a person has when accused of violating a a law.
a) First Amendment
b) Due Process
c) Personal Rights
d) Legal Amendments

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