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Fromthe Bottomof Page $ On The Ileap Study Guid To Anti Fedealist.

Papers written supporting the ratification of the Constitution
a) The daily News
b) Union Papers
c) Federalist Papers
d) Anti Federalist papers

Alexander hamilton was the leader of this group of people tha favored the ratification of the Constitution and a stronger central government
a) Federalist
b) Anti Federalist
c) Whigs
d) Democrats

Congress can do what two thing to check the power of the President?
a) impeach him and overide a presiential veto with a 2/3 vote of congress
b) very little
c) Impeach him and fire him
d) Override a Presidental Veto and refuse to obey laws he signs

The President has a Check on the Supreme Court in that he
a) Calls the Supreme Court into session
b) Fires Supreme Court Justices
c) Appoints Supreme Court Justices
d) Can pass a law limiting the power of the Supreme Court

The check the President has on Congress. IF congress passes a law the president does not favor he can do what to check their power?
a) NOthing to stop it
b) Veto it
c) ask them to reconsider
d) resign office

Created to stop one branch of government from becoming too powerful. It alows one brach of government to limit the power of another branch of government
a) Separation of Powers
b) Checks and balances
c) Federalism
d) Constitutionality

The Term Congress refers to :
a) The House of Represenatives
b) The Senate
c) The Three Branches of Government
d) Both the House of Represenatives and the Senate

Compromis reached as to how to count slaves for the purpose of taxation and representation
a) Count them as 3/5ths a person for taxation
b) Count them as 3/5ths a person for both representation and taxation
c) count them as 3/5th a person for representation
d) do not count them

The HOuse of Congress where Represntation is Equal, each state gets two regardless of its population.
a) House of Represenatives
b) Senate
c) Cabinet
d) Legislature

People that were opposed to the ratification of the Constitution (led by Thomas Jefferson)
a) Federalist
b) Anti Federalist
c) Whigs
d) Democrats

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