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Continuing With Qualifications And Terms To Types Of Government. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Type of Democracy in which people elect some one to vote for them
a) Direct Democracy
b) Indirect Democracy
c) Indirect Democracy or Republic
d) Totalitarian Dictatorship

A form of Democracy in which people vote personally on every issue.
a) Direct democracy
b) Indirect Democracy
c) Republic
d) Autocracy

Type of government in which power is vested in just a few people.
a) Autocracy
b) Aristocracy
c) Indirect Democracy
d) Oligarchy

A political system in which there is a king or queen
a) Absolute or constitutional Monarchy
b) Direct Democracy
c) Oligarchy
d) Autocracy

The term used to describe powers shared by the States and Federal government
a) Delegate powers
b) Concurrent or Shared Powers
c) Reserved Powers
d) Implied Powers

Which is not an example of a power shared by the States and the Federal Goverment:
a) tax
b) declare war
c) establish courts
d) pass and enforce laws

Powers given only to the federal government are called
a) Inumerated pwers or Delegated powers
b) Concurrent or shared powers
c) Reserved Powers
d) Implied Powers

Which is not a power that only Federal Government has:.
a) Print Money, declare war
b) Establish Postal Service, Raise an Army
c) Tax
d) Approve Treaties

The term that refers to the division of powers between a State and National Government. (The Federal Government has some powers and the State Governments have some powers.)
a) Oligarchy
b) Separation of Powers
c) Democracy
d) Federalism

Rule by a single person who has unlimited power.
a) Monarchy
b) autocracy
c) Two party system
d) Republic

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