I Leap Review 6 American History Question Preview (ID: 13463)

Starts On The Bottom Of Page 3 Of The I Leap Review Booklet. To Qualification And Terms.

What is the term limit for a Supreme Court Justice?
a) 4 years
b) 12 years
c) Life
d) 6 years

Which is the correct order of answers to the following question?How old must a person be to be in the Senate, House of Represenatives and President?
a) 35,25,30
b) 25,30,35
c) 30,25,35
d) 21,18,35

The final Court of Appeal in our Judicial System.
a) Supreme Court
b) Federal Court Of Appeal
c) State Supreme Court
d) Appelals Court

The person that is the Head of the House of Represenatives.
a) Vice President
b) President
c) Speaker
d) President Pro Temp

If the Pesident dies in office he is suceeded by whom.
a) Vice President
b) Speaker of the House
c) The Majority Whip
d) Secretary of State

The chief executive of the United States.
a) Senator
b) President
c) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
d) Speaker of the House

The branch of the government whose job it is is to determine if a law is constitutional or not
a) Judicial
b) Legislative
c) Executive
d) Administrative

The branch of the government that makes the laws.
a) Judicial
b) Legislative
c) Executive
d) Administrative

What is the term for a member of the house of represenatives?
a) 4 years
b) 6 years
c) 2 years
d) 8 years

What is the term for a senator?
a) Life
b) 2 years
c) 4 years
d) 6 years

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