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The recording ban from 1942-1944 was the result of:
b) WWI
c) illegal operations by recording companies
d) a dispute over royalties

Thelonius Monk played the:
a) Trumpet
b) Trombone
c) Piano
d) Alto Sax

Which of the following is not a trademark of Dizzy Gillespie:
a) Bent trumpet
b) Hanky in the left hand
c) Puffed cheeks
d) Bebop glasses

Which U.S. city is credited with the origins of bebop?
a) Kansas City
b) New Orleans
c) NYC
d) Chicago

As a teenager, Thelonious Monk won several amateur competitions at this famous Harlem venue:
a) Minton\'s Playhouse
b) The Blue Note
c) The Cotton Club
d) The Apollo Theatre

All of the following are characteristics of bebop EXCEPT:
a) Excessive use of mutes
b) Experimentation with phrasing
c) Complex Rhythms
d) Experimentation with different keys

Charlie Parker\'s main instruments was:
a) Tenor Sax
b) Trumpet
c) Piano
d) Alto Sax

Dizzy Gillespie played on a bent trumpet because:
a) All bebop trumpet players bent their bells.
b) He liked the attention.
c) It allowed him to play in different keys.
d) Someone sat on it and he liked it.

Dizzy Gillespie ran for this prominent position in 1964:
a) Musician’s Union President
b) CEO of Blue Note Records
c) President of the United States
d) Mayor of New York City

Dizzy Gillespie’s idol while growing up was:
a) Roy Eldridge
b) Count Basie
c) Duke Ellington
d) Louis Armstrong

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