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____ are payments made by the government to households that provide neither goods/services to the government.
a) transfer payments
b) subprime payments
c) bailout payments
d) prime payments

Loans given to people who do not meet the requirements needed for the loan are called
a) subprime loans
b) bailout loans
c) transfer loans
d) prime loans

Slow economic growth is called
a) inflation
b) bailout
c) bank run
d) expansionary

Which of the following is NOT a tool used by the government to affect aggregate spending?
a) disposable income
b) taxes
c) transfer payments
d) government purchases

What is disposable income?
a) all income-taxes
b) all taxes-income
c) all payments-inflation
d) all inflation-payments

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of July 2010 made $____ the permanent amount insured by the FDIC.
a) $250,000
b) $150,000
c) $200,000
d) $100,000

Two main sources of income for the FDIC are
a) premium payments by insured banks and investments in US Treasury bonds
b) premium payments by insured banks and discount rates
c) premium payments by insured banks and bailouts
d) premium payments by insured banks and FDIC

What did the Glass-Steagall Act establish?
b) bailouts
c) discount rate
d) open market operation

A loan given to financial institutions or businesses on the verge of closing is called a
a) bailout
b) bank run
d) RRR

What type of policy would the government use to overcome a recession?
a) fiscal policy
b) contractionary monetary policy
c) expansionary monetary policy
d) none of these

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