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The political theory that people allow themselves to be governed. Citizens should have the final say.
a) Consent of the governed
b) habeas Corpus
c) Lazzier fare
d) Separation of powers

The concept in the Constitution that calls for everyone to be treated fairly by the law.
a) Eminent Domain
b) Due process
c) Double Jeopardy
d) Habeas Corpus

A system where one branch of government can limit the powers of another branch of government.
a) Constitutional Limitation
b) Check and Powers
c) Checks and Balances
d) Separation of Powers

The idea in the Constitution that political authority belongs to the people. (Let the people decide by their votes)
a) Popular Soverginty
b) Republic
c) Indirect Democracy
d) Social Contract

A meeting held in Philadelphia in which delegates from the states wrote the Constitution.
a) Aricles Convention
b) Montecello Meeting
c) Washington Conference
d) Constitutional Convention

A series of Essays written by Federalist that defended and explained the Constitution, and tried to reassure Americans that states would not be overpowered by the national governm
a) Anti Federalsit Papers
b) Ratification letters
c) Madison\'s Letter of ratification
d) Federalsit Papers

An uprising of farmers in Massachusetts protesting higher taxes, debts and foreclosures. It showed the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.
a) Whiskey Rebellion
b) The Boston Massacre
c) The American Revolution
d) Shays Rebellion

Which is not a weakness of the Articles of confederation?
a) No executive (President)
b) A bicameral (two house ) legislature
c) No judicial system
d) Weak central government, most power held by the states

America's first plan of government
a) Articles of Constitution
b) The Constitution
c) Articles of Confederation
d) The Bill of Rights

The Branch of the government that is responsible for carring out the law
a) Legislative
b) Administrative
c) Executive
d) Judicial

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