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Which of the following best supports the theory of evolution through natural selection?
a) Dogs that win dog show awards have usually been selectively bred for that purpose.
b) Species that share the same habitat and food resources tend to compete for those resources.
c) When temps are high in summer or low in winter, some plants will experience a period of dormancy.
d) Traits improving an organism's ability to survive/reproduce are passed to the next gen of species.

Which of the following provides the best evidence that two different species evolved from a common ancestor?
a) They occupy the same niche.
b) They both undergo metamorphosis.
c) They share similar physical traits.
d) They live the same length of time.

Which of the following provides the best evidence that two different species evolved from a common ancestor?
a) They have both been around for a long time.
b) They eat the same kinds of foods.
c) They share much of the same DNA.
d) They are adapted to the same conditions.

If a major environmental change were to occur, in which type of ecosystem would some organisms be most likely to survive?
a) an ecosystem with lots of biodiversity
b) an ecosystem relying on only a few producers
c) an ecosystem that is geographically isolated
d) an ecosystem in which there is a limited carrying capacity

According to the theory of natural selection, what will most likely happen to a species that possesses a trait unfavorable to an environment?
a) The species will become extinct when environmental conditions change.
b) The species will spread the genes for the trait throughout the population.
c) The species will not produce many offspring that survive and reproduce.
d) The species will migrate to an area in which its unfavorable trait becomes favorable.

Which statement best explains how phenotypic variation affects the survival of a species?
a) It allows a species to shape its environment in ways that make it more inhabitable.
b) It helps protect a species against genetic diseases that spread more easily with inbreeding.
c) It causes individuals w/in a species to spread out to different environ so speciation will occur.
d) It increases odds that some individuals w/in a species will survive changes in environ.

If a species' environment undergoes a drastic change, what will most likely help the species survive the change?
a) homeostasis
b) mutations
c) disease resistance
d) asexual reproduction

The process by which a population becomes better suited to its environment is known as
a) accommodation.
b) variation.
c) adaptation.
d) selection.

The finches that Darwin studied differed in the shape of their beaks. According to Darwin, the finches probably
a) all had a common ancestor.
b) had been created by design that way.
c) were descended from birds in Africa.
d) ate the same diet.

A large section of rainforest was cut down to clear space for crops. The section of rainforest was home to a rare bird species, & was the birds' only known habitat. The result
a) would be that the birds will evolve into a new species.
b) would be that the birds will adapt to eating soybeans.
c) would be that the birds will eventually go extinct.
d) would be that the birds will migrate to a new habitat.

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