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On ma rad cestovani.
a) She likes singing.
b) I like playing football.
c) He likes skiing.
d) He likes travelling.

On nehraje fotbal.
a) I don't play football.
b) He doesn't play football.
c) He plays football.
d) I play football.

John _____ a newspaper every day.
a) read
b) reading
c) don't read
d) reads

Mas rad cestovani?
a) Do you like watching TV?
b) Do you like reading?
c) Do you like playing golf?
d) Do you like travelling?

Ona nema rada lyzovani.
a) She likes skiing.
b) He likes skiing.
c) She doesn't like skiing.
d) He doesn't like travelling.

On necte pohadky.
a) He doesn't read a magazine.
b) He doesn't read a comic.
c) He doesn't read fairy tales.
d) He doesn't read a newspaper.

Petr hraje na klavir v pondeli.
a) Peter plays the drums on Monday.
b) Peter plays the piano on Monday.
c) Peter plays the violin on Monday.
d) Peter plays the recorder on Monday.

He _____ playing computer games.
a) like
b) don't like
c) likes
d) are

Mam rad opalovani.
a) I like swimming.
b) He likes swimming.
c) I like sunbathing.
d) He likes sunbathing.

Nemam rad jablka.
a) I don't like apples.
b) He doesn't like apples.
c) She doesn't like apples.
d) I don't like pears.

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