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American officer who later betrayed the American cause by planning to surrender West point to the British during the American Revolution
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Benedict Arnold
c) Henry Lighthorse Lee
d) Nathan Greene

The author of the phamplet
a) Thomas Abeckett
b) Thomas Paine
c) Henry Lighthorse Lee
d) Ethan Allen

Written after the American Revolution it called for independence from England
a) The Articles of Confederation
b) The Constitution
c) Declaration of Independence
d) The Bill of Rights

Author of the Declaration of Independence
a) George washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Ben Franklin
d) James Madison

The idea that every should be treated equally by government is expressed in these words in the Declaration:
a) "Endowed by their creator"
b) "Unalienable Rights"
c) "All men are created Equal"
d) "Consent of the Governed"

The idea that govenment gets its power to govern from the people is expressed in these words from the Declaration of Independence
a) "We hod these truths to be self evident"
b) "All men are created equal"
c) "Consent of the governed"
d) "Alter or abolish"

Thos Jefferson changed the idea of his mentor , John Locke, from Life liberty and what to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
a) land
b) property
c) joy
d) government

A place of hardship for the colonial army during the revolution
a) Deleware
b) Gettysburg
c) Trenton
d) Valley Forge

The treaty that ended the American Revolution
a) Treaty of Paris 1783
b) Treaty of Verdun 1789
c) Treaty of Washington 1783
d) Treaty of Alsace Lorraine 1786

The idea that a contract exsist between people and their government.
a) Government Contract
b) Social governent
c) Social Contract
d) american system

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