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In This You Learn About All The Different Conflicts.

Owww, get off of me bear!! slap!
a) Man vs Technology
b) Man vs Nature
c) Man vs Man
d) Man vs Supernatural

Zoop Zap, Cade goes off fighting this crazy robot, trying to kill it!
a) Man vs Self
b) Man vs Nature
c) Man vs Technology
d) Man vs Society

the government it fighting, the town, to which if they should not pay for insurance.
a) Man vs Man
b) Man vs Nature
c) Man vs Insurance
d) Man vs Society

Wooop, SLAP. The mans face is red, as he looks sadly at the other man, trying to punch him.What conflict are they in?
a) Man vs Man
b) Man vs Supernatural
c) Man vs Fighting
d) Man vs Society

A man is figuring out to either eat hot cheetos, or regular. which conflict goes best with this?
a) Man vs Society
b) Man vs Self
c) Man vs Nature
d) Man vs Food

GRUMMMMMM, the sound as Dylan, is trying to scare the monsters, ghosts, and goblins away. What conflict is the best to describe this?
a) Man vs Creepers
b) Man vs Nature
c) Man vs Supernatural
d) Man vs Self

what quote goes best with man vs technology?
a) the man went outside, and saw a BIG BEAR...SWING SWAP BOOP, he started swinging his hands rapidly
b) Caleigh went out into the magic world, and fought bunches of robots, also her phone didnt work
c) she went and fought a hunormous PUPPY
d) she went and ate a hot dog, while trying to get her dog out of a hole

If there was a man, who went swimming, and got stuck under a waterfall, what conflict is he in?
a) Man vs Water
b) Man vs Nature
c) Man vs Self
d) Man vs Supernatural

I am deciding whether to eat meat, or to be healthy and eat salad....what conflict should i choose, to help?
a) Man vs Self
b) Man vs Technology
c) Man vs Choosing Food
d) Man vs Saladddddd

This is the final q, what type of conflict would go with a man fighting darth vader, to be a guy like him
a) Man vs Man
b) Man vs Darth Vader
c) Man vs Lightsaber
d) Man vs Technology

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