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Which character in our story is a little Xenophobic?
a) Mr. Neck
b) David Petrakis
c) Andy Evans
d) Rachel/Rachelle

Lacking vitality as from weariness or illness or unhappiness is the definition of what word?
a) Wan
b) Warp
c) Wistful
d) Vulnerable

Ivy's clown nose painting was a bright ___________________ color that Mr. Freeman really liked.
a) Vermilion
b) Vulnerable
c) Tenacious
d) Synchronized

The coach finally hands the wet microphone back to the principal, who introduces us to our very own cheerleaders. They slide into _______________ splits and the crowd goes nuts.
a) synchronized
b) tenacious
c) vulnerable
d) wistful

Persistent or stubbornly unyielding means what?
a) Tenacious
b) Wan
c) Profoundly
d) Vermilion

Pseudo means what?
a) fake or false
b) genuine
c) real or alive
d) authentic or original

Melinda threatened Andy with a _________________ of glass against his neck.
a) shard
b) wan
c) warp
d) mural

I felt ____________________ sad when the vet said I had to put my dog down.
a) profoundly
b) wistfully
c) warpfully
d) vulnerably

Vulnerable means what?
a) susceptible to physical or emotional injury
b) yearning; sadly longing
c) a shape distorted by twisting or folding
d) lacking vitality as from weariness or illness or unhappiness

Melinda ________________ and bent her art work into a creepy sculpture.
a) warped
b) waned
c) harried
d) funked

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