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George was ____________ tired to sleep.
a) to
b) two
c) too
d) not

John scored higher on the exam __________ I did.
a) than
b) then
c) for
d) as

From your words, I can ___________ that you think he is guilty.
a) much
b) imply
c) most
d) infer

The prisoner was _____________ last night.
a) hung
b) hanged
c) happy
d) fat

_____________ going to the amusement park tomorrow.
a) There
b) Their
c) They're
d) Not

Kelly ordered her lunch, and ___________ she went back to work
a) as
b) for
c) then
d) than

Earlier today we walked ____________ the ice cream parlor.
a) too
b) to
c) two
d) not

My grocery list had ___________ items on it.
a) to
b) two
c) too
d) not

The book is on the table over _________________.
a) their
b) they're
c) there
d) not

I saw _____________ mother at the store.
a) their
b) they're
c) there
d) not

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