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Starts At The Top Of Page 2 Of 7th Grade American History Ileap Review Booklet.

How did the colonist react to the Tea Act?
a) They threw the tea into Boston Harbor
b) They wrote the Declaration of Independence
c) The adopted the Articles of Confederation
d) they declared war on Britian

An Act that was passed by the British Parliament (its governing body) that attempted to sell tea to the colonist at a lower price with that tax included.
a) Stamp Act
b) Tea Act
c) Boston Tea Resolution
d) Colonial Tea Resolution

As a result of the Townshend Acts colonist did what
a) They passed the Intoleable Acts
b) They demanded the King come to Boston to see for himself
c) They protested at the customs house for lower Tea prices
d) They boycotted

A colonial protest in Boston against the tea Act, it resulted in colonist dressed as Inidans throwing tea off British ships into Boston Harbor
a) Boston Tea Party
b) Boston Pow Wow
c) Boston Riot of 1766
d) The Tea Act Attack of 1766

Taxes placed on Lead, glass, paints, paper and tea. It allowed tax collectors to look and search the homes and businesses of those that they suspected of smuggling goods.
a) Intolerable Acts
b) Coersive Acts
c) Townshend Acts
d) Tea Act

The first tax attempted by King George III, it was on all paper products sold by the colonies
a) Townshend Acts
b) Stamp Act
c) Intolerable Acts
d) Coersive Acts

Which was the rallying cry of the The colonist prior to the Revolution and a major source of the cause of the revolution
a) Free us Now
b) give us liberty or give us death
c) No Taxation without representation
d) I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country

A period of intense interest in religion that swept through the 13 colonies
a) Puritian Revolution
b) Pilgrim's Progress
c) Great Awakening
d) Great Revival

Event that occured when British soldiers fired into an unarmed crowd of colonist protesting British taxes outside of the customs house in Boston.
a) Boston Massacre
b) Boston Tea Party
c) The Disaster on King Street
d) The Black Death

How did the King and Parliament react to the Boston Tea Party?
a) they passed the Intolerable Acts
b) they declared war on the colonist
c) They passed the Townshend Acts
d) They marched on Lexington and Concord

The Age of Enlightenment can best be describe as an time when :
a) of Religious renewal
b) A time of many natural disasters
c) Reason and Logic Prevailed
d) A long period of prosperity

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