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uncertain and potentially dangerous
a) irrepressible
b) phobia
c) compartments
d) precarious

moving back and forth
a) tendency
b) wispy
c) device
d) swayed

you notice or understand important things that other people may not see
a) hiatus
b) indication
c) insights
d) precarious

a break for a period of time between events
a) industry
b) hiatus
c) tempted
d) baffled

a) vetoed
b) gourmet
c) instinct
d) invasion

separate sections for keeping things
a) compartments
b) unimaginable
c) tendency
d) tempted

a) indication
b) proposed
c) compartments
d) feat

a sign that something exists or might happen
a) wispy
b) precarious
c) indication
d) swayed

impossible to think that something might happen or exist
a) instinct
b) throng
c) embarked
d) unimaginable

much more costly or elaborate than what is really needed
a) prestigious
b) throng
c) extravagant
d) device

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