5th Grade Theme 4 Vocab Pt. 1 Question Preview (ID: 13430)

5th Grade Theme 4 Vocab Pt. 1. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

a feeling or action that cannot be controlled or held back
a) irrepressible
b) embarked
c) invasion
d) instinct

having begun a new adventure
a) unimaginable
b) proposed
c) hiatus
d) embarked

having a fear of something without a good reason
a) wispy
b) tendency
c) phobia
d) feat

something that is highly respected and admired
a) swayed
b) precarious
c) prestigious
d) baffled

many people or animals entering a place all at once
a) invasion
b) gourmet
c) throng
d) embarked

unable to understand or explain something
a) indication
b) baffled
c) compartments
d) essence

a natural, almost automatic way that people or animals react to things
a) hiatus
b) instinct
c) vetoed
d) proposed

an object that has been made for a special purpose
a) wispy
b) essence
c) device
d) industry

a crowd of people
a) industry
b) extravagant
c) insights
d) throng

food that is expensive, rare, or carefully prepared
a) gourmet
b) insights
c) precarious
d) unimaginable

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