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waver or fall back from a blow
a) reel
b) dismay
c) concede
d) high-strung

a long narrow opening
a) saucy
b) wariness
c) crevice
d) insistent

a) benign
b) peril
c) luminous
d) dismay

mass of earth
a) clod
b) translucency
c) reel
d) blunder

drop steeply
a) sunder
b) insistent
c) crevice
d) plunge

a) concede
b) insistent
c) extraneous
d) high-strung

accept as true
a) peril
b) concede
c) sunder
d) blunder

break apart
a) splurge
b) sunder
c) luminous
d) clod

clearness, lets light through
a) translucency
b) benign
c) high-strung
d) wariness

a) dismay
b) luminous
c) benign
d) wariness

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