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Below is a preview of the questions contained within the game titled 6. TRIDA: ROZKAZOVACI ZPUSOB, VYJADRENI CASU: Hry Pro Zaky 6. Trid Ze ZS TGM Borohradek K Procvicovani Rozkazovaciho Zpusobu A Vyjadrovani Casu. Good Luck! :-) .To play games using this data set, follow the directions below. Good luck and have fun. Enjoy! [print these questions]

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Sedni si.
a) You sit down.
b) Sit you down.
c) Sit down.
d) You sitting down.

Je 6:30.
a) It's quarter past six.
b) It's quarter past seven.
c) It's half past six.
d) It's half past seven.

a) Don't talk.
b) Doesn't talk.
c) Don'tyou talk.
d) You don't talk.

Pojď sem.
a) You come here.
b) Come you here.
c) Don't come here.
d) Come here.

Je 10 hodin.
a) It ten o’clock.
b) It's ten o’clock.
c) Is it ten o’clock.
d) Is ten o’clock.

Je 7:15.
a) It's quarter past eight.
b) It's quarter to eight.
c) It's quarter to seven.
d) It's quarter past seven.

Je 11:30.
a) It's half past eleven.
b) It's half past twelve.
c) It's quarter to eleven.
d) It's quarter past twelve.

Je 9:45.
a) It's quarter past nine.
b) It's quarter to nine.
c) It's quarter past ten.
d) It's quarter to ten.

Je 7:05.
a) It's five past eight.
b) It's five to seven.
c) It's five past seven.
d) It's five to eight.

Je 9:35.
a) It's twenty-five to ten.
b) It's twenty-five past nine.
c) It's twenty-five to nine.
d) It's twenty-five past ten.

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