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A system made up of voluntary and involuntary muscles that let you move
a) Muscular System (Movement)
b) Skeletal System (Coordination)
c) Joint
d) Cardiovascular System (Circulation)

A place where two or more bones meet
a) Joint
b) Lymphatic System
c) Skeletal System
d) Muscular System

A system that includes bones, cartilage, and the connective tissue that holds bones together and provides support and protection of body parts
a) Skeletal System (coordination)
b) Joint
c) Heart
d) Circulatory System (Circulation)

An organ made up of cardiac muscle tissue
a) heart
b) lungs
c) joint
d) blood

A connective tissue mde up of plasma, red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells
a) blood
b) stomach
c) lungs
d) heart

A system that includes a collection of organs and tissues that collect the excess fluid and returns it to your blood and helps your body fight pathogens
a) Lymphatic System
b) Urinary System
c) Circulatory System
d) Digestive System

A system that includes a group of organs that take in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide
a) Respiratory System
b) Urinary System
c) Digestive System
d) Lymphatic System

A pair of spongy, air filled organs located on each side of the thorax (chest)
a) lungs
b) kidneys
c) liver
d) stomach

A system that includes a group of organs that work together to digest food so that it can be used by the body
a) Digestive System
b) esophagus
c) Excretory System
d) stomach

A muscular sac-like digestive organ attached to the lower end of the esophagus, that breaks down food into a liquid
a) stomach
b) large intestines
c) small intestines
d) esophagus

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