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To recharge your cell phone you plug in into an electrical outlet for several hours. The electrical energy is stored as ___________ energy until you are ready to use the phone.
a) radiant
b) thermal
c) nuclear
d) chemical

Convection is heat transfer by:
a) movement of waves through space
b) movement in a fluid
c) direct contact of molecules
d) chemical reactions

Which type of matter does sound travel though the slowest?
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

Which way does a swimmer push to move forward in the water?
a) to the right
b) to the left
c) forward
d) backward

If two opposite forces act on a stationary object at the same time, and one is stronger than the other, which way will the object move?
a) it will move toward the stonger force
b) it will move toward the weaker force
c) it will move at right angles to the two forces
d) it will not move

The speed and direction of an object's motion is its:
a) velocity
b) inertia
c) momentum
d) acceleration

Which of the following correctly applies the concept of power?
a) moving a box up a ramp requires just as much power when it is moved slowly as when it is moved fast.
b) All things being equal, a brighter light bulb uses more power than dimmer light bulb
c) The car that uses energy more effeciently uses less power
d) power is defined as how much energy something has

Define Power.
a) Power is how fast an object can move/
b) Power is the amount of energy contained in an object.
c) Power is the total amount of energy used by an object.
d) Power is the rate at which energy is converted from on form to another.

What is the difference between energy and power?
a) Energy is the amount of work done on an object while power is the rate at which the work is done.
b) Energy is how fast an object moves while power is the weight of the object multiplied by its speed.
c) Energy is the amount of work an object can do while power is the amount of work done on the object.
d) Energy is how long a motion lasts while power is how much total motion there is.

Heat is conducted when:
a) molecules transfer their energy to neighboring molecules
b) molecules stop moving
c) molecules escape into space
d) molecules break apart

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