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A system of trade where slaves, manufactured goods and raw materials were traded between North America, Africa and Europe.
a) Triangular tarde
b) Intolerable Trade
c) Navagation Acts
d) Merantilism

A non existent all water passage through the United States that connnected the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.
a) Southwest Passage
b) The Western Expansion Trail
c) Northwest Passage
d) The American throughway

A religious movement led by Martin Luther to reform the Catholic Church
a) Catholic Reformation
b) Islamic Reformation
c) Renassance
d) Protestant Reformation

The Spaniard that conquered Mexico and the Aztecs
a) Cortez
b) John Smith
c) Will Smith
d) Pizzaro

Spaniard that searched for cities of gold in South America and conquered the Incas.
a) Cortez
b) Ferdinand
c) Pizzaro
d) Ponce De Leon

King and Queen that financed Columbus\'s journey to the Americas
a) Elizabeth and Phillip of England
b) John and Mary of Scott
c) Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain
d) King Ohlaf and Cathrine of Aragon

The first Permanent English settlement in the New World
a) Roanoke
b) Philadelphia
c) Plymouth
d) Jamestown

A system that forced the colonies to trade some goods only with England and buy some goods only from England. It is a way in which a Nation makes money from a colony by trade.
a) Mercantilism
b) capitalism
c) Economic inerdependence
d) Triangular Trade

The first attempt at self government in the New World. It was written by Pilgrims and insured fair laws for all
a) Jamestown Agreement
b) Jamestown Compact
c) Roanoke resolution
d) Mayflower Compact

In the system called Mercantilism what is insured for the mother country.
a) They will lose money
b) The mother country will allways have a market for their goods.
c) It will make the colonies rich
d) They will conquer other countries

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