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The Crusades were wars fought to take back what area from the Muslims?
a) Mecca
b) The Holy Land
c) Medinia
d) Nazerth

A series of Plagues that killed over 25 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages.
a) Peasant Pneumonia Plague
b) Black Death
c) Serf Smallpox
d) Middle Age Measles

A long series of Wars between Christians and Muslims. Fought in an effort to take back the holy land.
a) Crusades
b) Punic Wars
c) Phonecian Wars
d) Gallic Wars

Wealthy African King that mde a pilgamidge to Mecca. The North African Kingdom of Mali reached its height under his rule.
a) Suni Ali
b) Suni Baru
c) Mohammad Ali
d) Mansa Musa

An alliance of 15 Northwest native American nations that made decisions concerning war and peace and potected the group against invasions.
a) Cherokee League
b) Seminole Nation
c) Cherokee Confederation
d) Iroquois Leage

Great warriors with a superior military in Meso America, their capital was Tenochititlan
a) Cheerokee
b) Seminoles
c) Olmec and Maya
d) Aztecs

Indian Group that built the first pyramids and cultivated crops such as maize, they leived in small villages and used canals for irrigation:
a) Cherokee
b) Seminoles
c) Olmec and Maya
d) Aztecs

The first people to settle america were :
a) Explorers from England
b) Hunter gathers
c) Industry workers from England
d) Farmers

The first people migrated to America across what geographic feature?
a) The Strait of Gibraltar
b) The Suez Canal
c) The Bearing land bridge
d) The Gulf of Mexico

The Black Death affected Europe in that it caused a shortage of What?
a) Workers
b) Supplies because trade was halted
c) Food
d) land

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