Big Bad Wolf And The Law Question Preview (ID: 13414)

4th Grade Intervention Story. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What crime has the wolf been charged with?
a) attempted kidnapping
b) stealing sheep
c) chasing a grandma and her granddaughter
d) attempted eating

Who is in charge of the court?
a) the bailiff
b) the lawyer
c) Judge Bo Peep
d) Red Riding Cap

Where does the story take place?
a) Storyland Court
b) Storyland Jail
c) August, some year
d) the wolf's den

How does the wolf try to get around the charge?
a) by telling the truth
b) by using flattery
c) by lying to the judge
d) by apologizing

When the wolf eats sheep, he likes to have_____________.
a) cranberry sauce
b) mint sauce
c) mustard
d) sweet peas

To prove his innocence, the wolf claims all the following EXCEPT
a) it's the author's fault
b) he's a victim of circumstance
c) he wouldn't hurt a flea
d) the Three Little Pigs should be asked

In this play, declicious means_____________.
a) very tasty
b) eaten with mint jelly
c) eaten whole
d) very hot and spicy

The wolf thinks it's over for him when the Three Pigs are called as witnesses because__
a) he tried to blow their houses down
b) he tried to have them for dinner
c) Bo Peep wants her sheep found
d) the wolf's mother says he's not bad

Why does the wolf say that he and Bo Peep are both victims of circumstance?
a) because Bo Peep is always dressed in a ruffled dress and bonnet and he eats animals
b) because they are both happy
c) because they are both hungry
d) because they are both sad

When is eating considered to be okay and not a crime?
a) when you eat your friends
b) as long as the eating involves food and not animals and people
c) when you are not hungry
d) when you try to lie about it

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