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Ways humans cna reduce biodiversity include all of the following except -
a) introduced species
b) pollution
c) altering habitats
d) wildlife preserves

Mistakes or changes in the amino acid sequence and/or genetic material are called -
a) genetic variation
b) genetic mutations
c) operon
d) hox gene

The Hershey-Chase experiment contributed to the understanding of DNA by -
a) studying bacteriophages
b) developing the DNA model
c) using X-Rays
d) reading the DNA sequence

The Griffith's experiment explained -
a) the structure of DNA
b) transformation of genetic material
c) human genome
d) X-Ray diffraction

In order to better understand the structure of DNA, scientists studied -
a) viruses
b) plants
c) DNA
d) RNA

The role of enzymes in DNA replication include all of the following except -
a) proofread the new DNA strand
b) make proteins
c) unzip the DNA
d) connects nucleotides

RNA is made through the process of -
a) transcription
b) replication
c) translation
d) duplication

In RNA, adenine pairs with -
a) cytosine
b) thymine
c) uracil
d) guanine

All of the following are legal forms of genetic engineering except -
a) in vitro fertilization
b) artificial insemination
c) selective breeding
d) human cloning

Allowing only animals with desired traits to reproduce is a form of genetic engineering called -
a) hybridization
b) selective breeding
c) inbreeding
d) gene manipulation

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