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Which of the following is a base?
a) milk
b) oranges
c) vinegar
d) fertilizer

Which of the following is an acid?
a) batteries
b) soap
c) cleaners
d) oven cleaner

Which of the following does NOT have acids in them?
a) milk
b) lemons
c) salad dressings
d) fertilizer

Which of the following does NOT have bases in them?
a) plastics
b) soap
c) cleaners
d) blood

A substance that dissolves other substances is known as a ________________. Water is a very common example of this--- such as water that you mix Kool-Aid mix with.
a) Solvent
b) Solute
c) Aqueous
d) Solution

In a _________________________ mixture the substances are the same throughout the solution-- such as pudding and shampoo.
a) Homogeneous
b) Heterogeneous
c) Soluted
d) Concentrated

In a __________________________ mixture the substances are not mixed evenly-- such as lucky charms or a bowl of MM’s.
a) Heterogeneous
b) Homogeneous
c) Soluted
d) Concentrated

_________________ are substances that take in or absorb hydrogen ions in water.
a) Bases
b) Acids
c) Solutes
d) Solvents

A(n) ____________ is matter that has the same fixed composition and properties.
a) substance
b) mixture
c) mixture
d) combination

Water is a(n) ___________________.
a) compound
b) element
c) mixture
d) metal

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