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a large region characterized by a specific type of climate and certain types of plant and animal communites.
a) Biome
b) Estuary
c) Precipation
d) Wetlands

A treeless wetland ecosystem were plants such as grasses grow.
a) Biome
b) Swamp
c) Marsh
d) Wetlands

Any formof water that falls from earths surface from the clouds.
a) Desert
b) Marsh
c) Swamp
d) Precipitation

The number and variety of orgamisms in a given area during a specific period of time.
a) Swamp
b) Wetland
c) Biodiversity
d) Esturary

The mass of mostly microscopic organism that float or drift freeley in fresh water and marine ecosystem.
a) Plankton
b) Tundra
c) Savanna
d) Taiga

A treeless plain found in the Arti, in the Antarctic.or on the tops of mountains that is characterized by very low winter teputures and short,cool summers.
a) Savanna
b) Thundra
c) Plankton
d) Marine

An area where fresh water from rivers mixes ith salt water from the ocean.
a) Desert
b) Precipion
c) Estuary
d) Marsh

An area of land that is periodically underwater or whose soil contains a great deal of moisture.
a) Desert
b) Wetlands
c) Precipation
d) Biodiversity

A wetland ecosystem in which shrubs and trees grow.
a) Desert
b) Swamp
c) Wetlands
d) Marsh

A grassland that often has a scattered trees and that is found in tropical and subtropica areas where seasonal rains,fires. and drought happen.
a) Marine
b) Plankton
c) Savanna
d) Tundra

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