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What was Hoover's approach to the Depression economy?
a) Massive reform was the only way to help.
b) the government cannot help the economy.
c) the economy would eventually heal itself.
d) the communists created this and the government could not do anything to fix it.

Which of the following were goals of the new deal?
a) financial reform.
b) economic reform.
c) relief for the needy.
d) All Coices are Correct

In the 1920's labor unions were viewed as having ties with
a) communism.
b) the KKK.
c) Hitler and the Nazis.
d) rising prices.

What word(s) describes American's foreign policy in the 1920's?
a) the cold war.
b) controlling.
c) global presence.
d) Isolation.

What word best describes the Harlem Renaissance?
a) Culture
b) Religion
c) Crime
d) Corruption

Who were Sacco and Vanzetti?
a) anarchists and foreigners who were accused of murdering someone
b) people who invested in the stock market and became rich
c) African Americans who could not get a fair trial.
d) politicans.

What issue is making things difficult for farmers?
a) Overproduction
b) Underproduction
c) Flooding
d) Locusts

How does FDR hope to cure the depression?
a) Government Action
b) Do Nothing
c) Ask for the help of businesses.
d) Rely on Charities

What was the red scare of the 1920's?
a) fear of dictators
b) fear of communism spreding
c) fear of the KKK
d) fear of the color red

Which of the following was a cause of the Great Depression?
a) underproduction of crops.
b) easy credit.
c) tariffs.
d) not enough farmers.

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