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El lago
a) log
b) lake
c) place
d) house

La boda
a) groom
b) bride
c) party
d) wedding

a) I want
b) Do you want?
c) Would you like?
d) I would like

Me gustaria
a) I would like
b) You would like
c) I want
d) You want

Yo pienso comer
a) I'm going to eat
b) You plan to eat
c) I plan to eat
d) You're poing to eat

Ellos van a estudiar
a) You guys plan to study
b) They plan to study
c) You guys are going to study
d) They're going to study

Yo tengo que estudiar
a) I feel like studying
b) I don't feel like studying
c) I have to study
d) I'm in a hurry

Ellos tienen prisa
a) We're in a hurry
b) They're in a hurry
c) You guys are in a hurry
d) They aren't in a hurry

Tu tienes ganas de comer
a) You don't feel like eating
b) You want to eat
c) You feel like eating
d) You don't want to eat

Ella tiene sueno
a) She's sleepy
b) She is tired
c) She's in a hurry
d) She isn't tired

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