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Which of these terms describes a type of chemical reaction that results in heat released to the surroundings?
a) Endothermic
b) Exothermic
c) Hyperthermic
d) Hypothermic

Which of these is measured using the pH scale?
a) The number of hydrogen ions
b) The number of hydroxide ions
c) The concentration of hydrogen ions
d) The concentration of hydroxide ions

A block of iron will react with acid to produce hydrogen gas. Which of these describes what would happen if you increased the surface area of the iron?
a) The reaction would happen at the same speed
b) The speed of the reaction would decrease
c) The speed of the reaction would increase
d) The reaction would no longer take place

When a chemical ice pack is activated, the chemicals stored inside react and the pack becomes very cold. Which of these terms describes this type of reaction?
a) endothermic
b) exothermic
c) hyperthermic
d) hypothermic

Which of these does not stay the same during a chemical reaction?
a) The total mass of the atoms
b) The arrangement of the atoms
c) The mass of each type of atom
d) The total number of each type of atom

Which of these statements best describe the law of conservation of mass proposed by Antoine Lavoisier?
a) Energy occurs in discrete amounts
b) Matter can not be created or destroyed
c) Energy can not be created or destroyed
d) Atoms combine in fixed rations to form compounds

What is the definition of “products” in a chemical reaction?
a) When a reaction releases heat
b) When a reaction absorbs heat
c) The chemicals that are added to a chemical reaction
d) The result of mixing chemicals in a chemical reaction

Peanut butter has a pH of 6.28. Which of these best describes peanut butter?
a) Weak acid
b) Weak base
c) Strong acid
d) Strong base

You mix solution A (70 g) with solution B. When they are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs and you end with a total mass of 190 g). What should the mass of solution B be?
a) 70 grams
b) 90 grams
c) 120 grams
d) 190 grams

You and your partner combined an acid and a metal. Your observations said that it was an exothermic reaction. What does this mean?
a) Mass was lost
b) Mass of gained
c) Heat/energy was absorbed
d) Heat/energy was released

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