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When the parents are homozygous dominant and homozygous recessive, all the offspring are
a) homozygous recessive
b) heterozygous
c) homozygous dominant

Molly has brown hair. This is her _______________.
a) Genotype
b) Function
c) Allele pair
d) Phenotype

Bacteria reproduces by binary fission. This is a type of:
a) Cell growth
b) Repair
c) Asexual Reproduction
d) Sexual Reproduction

An organism with two of the same alleles for a trait is
a) heterozygous
b) homozygous
c) recessive

The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called
a) heredity
b) genetics
c) reproduction
d) chromosomes

The genotype (bb) is:
a) Homozygous
b) Heterozygous
c) Genes
d) DNA

The genotype (Rr) is:
a) Homozygous
b) Heterozygous
c) Genes
d) DNA

A dominant gene usually shows itself over a
a) Homozygous gene
b) recessive gene
c) heterozygous gene
d) sex-linked trait

Which of the following is not an inherited trait?
a) Blood type
b) Hair color
c) Leaf Shape
d) A broken leg

In asexual reproduction:
a) One parent produces offspring by giving a copy of its genetic material
b) Chromosomes disappear
c) Two parent cells join together
d) Four daughter cells are produced

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